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Living on an island is like… (Part 6)

…the story when a naked man, around fifty years old, bangs on a neighbor’s door begging for help. The neighbor lets him in and covers him. The man begins blabbering but full details will never be known. That’s the way it is with these stories, a detail is lost, more details are added, the story you hear about is not the true story but it’s a good one.

A brother and sister, they are a strange pair–have always been strange ever since they were kids. Everyone in town avoids them. The sister is overweight, cuts her hair short, in that spiky lesbian butch way. The brother shaves his head, has a mustache, and always wears these fake Oakleys. They both have gutter mouths, but the sister is worse, or at least you think she’s worse because she’s a woman.

No one understands their relationship, they are in their late thirties now. But there are rumors.

An English expatriate moves to your town. He is moderately wealthy. He is already retired.

The town is in shock when he marries the sister. You don’t really listen because you try to avoid meaningless gossip. You only begin to pay attention a few months later when the English expatriate runs into his neighbor’s house naked and begging for help.

You hear bits and pieces and it turns out that the sister seduced the English man with sex. Days and days of non-stop sex. He is retired and alone and probably lonely. He is an easy target.

He agrees to marriage and the sex continues for the first week. Then the brother visits and at some point–you’re not sure when, the story isn’t clear on that point–they throw the English man in a room, tie him up naked and lock him in. Then the abuse begins.

Each day they enter the room, the brother and the sister, and they do unspeakable things in front of him. Turns out the rumors were true. The sister teases him and tortures him in turn. The brother just laughs in his face.

You don’t know how long this went on. Longer than a week, but less than a month is the closest you get to guessing.

One night the brother and sister are not as thorough as they usually are. Perhaps they have become overconfident. The man escapes and runs to the neighbor.

When you hear the story you wonder how messed up their minds must have been to hatch such a plan. You wonder if you even need to read horror stories anymore.

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