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Shlock’s Podcast#6 – Halloween

Schlock’s podcast returns! Yes, yes, it’s ever-so-slightly late – but never mind that, since we still have the now-standard mix of flash fiction, discussion and features of general interest. We’re told Halloween is nearly just round the corner (not that we wouldn’t know that), so the podcast opens with facts and history on exactly that. Then… we ignore Halloween in favour of talk on the importance of the short story and what’s probably this year’s most divisive cinematic masterpiece, The Tree of Life.

Plus a selection of flash fiction from our archives, of course.

Taking part is the Schlock team – in order of appearance,  Teena Faye Kingswell, Teodor Reljic, Michael Vella, Daniel Vella, Peter Farrugia, Marco Attard and Bettina Borg Cardona.



The Omen by Bettina Borg Cardona – 01:06:11

The Dinner Date by Marco Attard – 01:08:10

Moonchild by Pete Farrugia – 01:12:04



Halloween – demonic celebration, an appeasing of the spirits, or simply an excuse to get in costume and/or watch crappy horror movies? Either way, Teena Faye Kingswell opens the podcast with some facts (not figures) on this most spooky of holidays. Where (and when) did it come from? What’s Jack o’ Lantern’s story? Find out here. – 00:00:51

Teodor hates the term “short story” – but not the short story itself. Contradictory? Not for his soapbox. Together with Michael Vella, discussion ensues. No actual short stories are told over here though, alas. Those are left for our flash fiction readings. – 00:10:54

The Tree of Life – modern classic or ponderous pretentiousness? Either way we can surely all agree it looks absolutely stunning. Daniel Vella leads discussion on Terence Malick’s latest, together with Teodor, Pete and myself, Marco. Extra Bonus 1! This is my favourite sequence from the entire film. – 00:31:24

As usual – thanks go to Thom Cuschieri for helping us put everything together recording-wise, and Chris Galea for creating the soundscapes behind each flash.

Don’t forget you can subscribe to the Schlock podcast via iTunes, as well as leave us review and rating over there. Actually, it’d be great if you do. Thanks for listening, and our dulcet tones will be back in less than a month’s time (hopefully)!

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