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February 2012 issue!

Schlock cover

Welcome, dear readers, to Schlock’s new issue!

Marking four years since our first publication, this particular edition is a new beginning in several ways. From now on, we’ll present bi-monthly issues without a strict theme. This will allow contributors freer reign over what they want to submit and whenever they’d like to submit it.

We’re confident that this month’s gathering of stories and artwork is a testament to our new perspective. We hope you enjoy Schlock’s new direction.

Please let us know what you think – your feedback is appreciated, now more than ever. Contact us on Facebook, through the comments below each story, or send an email to

Happy reading.


Unto Ye – Manuel Royal
Religiously – Gale Acuff
Ashes to Ashes – Ken Goldman (originally appeared in various publications)
Convenient Inventions – Teodor Reljic
Empire, Colorado – James Bambury
Miskatonic Monday – Peter Farrugia
The Sermons of the Refuter – Christian A. Larsen
Marco’s Pop Culture Destruction #1 – Marco Attard

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