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April 2012 Issue!

Schlock Cover April 2012 by Jennings Falzon

Copyright: Jennings Falzon

Would you like to live forever?

You’re as conscious of death as we all are. Just scratch the surface, and all our little distractions reveal the same tendency to turn away from life’s ultimate mystery. But sometimes it can be fun to throw ourselves into that moment of panic – sit with it a while and return with a little something special. Schlock is going to give you that opportunity.

This issue’s writers explore reincarnation, transformation, stories of life under duress, and life’s end. Each in their own way casts new light on an old patch of darkness, with personal truths and universal questioning. Meanwhile, the new edition of Marco’s Pop Culture Destruction probes the way a well-earned legacy can continue to fire people’s dreams long after our time in the limelight is over.

You can expect a mix of science fiction, psychological thrills, diamond-sharp conceits and atmospheric – if fatal – mood pieces.

Enjoy the issue.

Cover by Jennings Falzon


At Dawn by Chris Longhurst
Blue Ice by Arthur Doweyko
Exploring the queer body | Milkshake
How to Kill a Cultureshifter by John Skylar
Horn by Teodor Reljic
Magical Night by Manuel Royal
Bardo by Andy Dudak
Breathe by Milo James Fowler (originally published in Golden Visions Magazine)
Marco’s Pop Culture Destruction 2 by Marco Attard

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