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Schlock’s Podcast #17 – Renaissance Marvels, Siberian Sabotage, Headless Palace


Hello, dear readers, and welcome to Schlock’s podcast.

Okay, admit it. You forgot Schlock Magazine even produced podcasts to begin with – and that is despite the big shiny button beneath the adorable octopus saying PODCASTS. That’s pretty understandable, mind. After all, it’s only been 5 months since the last time the Hive Mind got its act together and partook in a recording or two. And no, don’t look at me. Doing these show notes  is the only time the Hive Mind even allows me anywhere near a keyboard.

Anyway, we have fresh flash fiction brightened up to no end with soundscapes from Schock’s newest friend Hheva, Bettina talks about  marvels from the days of the Renaissance and even a radio drama set on the trans-Siberian express. Enjoy all of that (the timings are below) and do let us know your opinions and queries in either the comments below or via iTunes review.

Flash Fiction

00:40 – The Relic by Bettina Borg Cardona

02:44 – Pink Shirt by Teodor Reljic


06:09 – Bettina Borg Cardona tells us of the wondrous in 16th century wonders. Caution! Cabinets full of the curious, mechanical dragons, fiery pits, castrati, rocky topiary and explorations in the boundaries within the natural and artificial within.


10:08 – Mu Cephei by Headless Palace


14:43 – The Siberian Sabotage of Russia by Slavko Vukanovic. As Slavko tells me it “was produced for the radio show for the Royal Arts College radio in London… They asked me to make a radio drama about Malta and we made one about Siberia. They broadcast it on a windy April night 2005, about a week after it was made…”

Thanks go again to Hheva, who also took responsibility of putting this damn thing together.

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