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Schlock’s Podcast #18 – Liminal, Flash Fiction


Schlock Magazine might be soon headed towards its annual summer recess of sorts (you do follow our updates on Facebook, do you?), but that doesn’t mean we don’t have at least one more podcast to tide you over before the site officially heads into aestivation. It’s the heat’s fault – once temperaturess hit over 35°C the Hive Mind produces a thick coat of slime and digs itself deep into the earth, and only the first autumn rain will wake it up.

Anyway, back to the podcast. Pete interviews Gilbert Calleja, the photographer behind Liminal. Following that is a flash fiction duo, as enhanced with soundscapes via friend of Schlock Hheva.

Thus, when you’re on the beach, sipping fancy beverages and hopefully (surely!) enjoying this podcast, think of the noble Schlock Hive Mind, buried in the earth and covered in slime. Nature sure is wonderful, isn’t it?

Enjoy the show!

Flash Fiction

15:34 – How to Survive the Gozo Channel by Pete Farrugia

17:59 – Horn by Teodor Reljic


00:34 –  Gilbert Calleja chats with Pete on Liminal, his photographic expose of the Maltese transgender community. Why did he embark on such a project, and how does one get to work on such a book to begin with? All of that, and more, in this interview.

You can get a copy of the book direct from publishers Ede Books here.

Thanks go again to Hheva, who also took responsibility of putting this damn thing together. The above photo is, as you may have guessed, taken from Liminal.

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