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Halloween 2015 Issue

SCHLOCK HALLOWEEN 2015 - COVER - Thom Cuschieri

Welcome back, dear readers!

Some of you may be confused as to why our supposed ‘summer break’ lasts well into what is technically Autumn. But here it’s handy to remember that the erstwhile ‘Schlock HQ’ – a largely virtual space that, alas, has not yet found a physical corollary – is based on the island of Malta and here, for better or worse, the heat and humidity continues unabated well into December… if not January.

Regardless of the lethargy-inducing climate that continues to sustain its grip over the editorial team’s collective throats, we couldn’t wait any longer to release the Schlocktopus from its summer slumber, and here we are again – at the very Schlock-appropriate holiday of Halloween!

Just like Monster March allowed us to wax teratological with no restraint, so Halloween lets us explore the horror genre in all its infinite variety. In this issue we have a broad sweep of art forms on display: fiction and non-, visual and textual. Comics, short fiction, analysis, and interviews with two leading online horror genre rabble-rousers. As ever, Schlock Magazine remains committed to tackling genres and aesthetic experiences from all possible angles. As our name suggests, we never shirk away from indulging in pulp and extolling its virtues. But as our content also hopefully shows, we aren’t interested in just remaining in that space, but in venturing beyond in a way that still speaks true to our passion for the various media that unite us.

Enjoy the issue.

Cover by Thom Cuschieri.


Trick or Treat by Ivana Bugarinovic
Again by Kris Green
Masked Wrestlers and Hairy Hands: A Glance at Mexican Horror Cinema by Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone
Kids That Go Bite in the Night by Charmaine Tanti
Book Reviews: Molly Tanzer and Joe Pulver by Teodor Reljic and David Hudson
Schlock Talks | Mike Davis
Schlock Talks | Michael Wilson

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