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Summer 2017 Issue



Cover art by Cesar Valtierra

Dear readers,

If you think about it, summer is pretty darn creepy.

If you live on an island like we do, you’re no stranger to creepy crawlies at the bottom of the sea, making you think twice about taking a midnight dip, or falling asleep anywhere close to the shoreline.

Eerie camp stories come to mind, as well as supernatural beach reads.

But maybe that’s just us.

In any case, this month’s edition is all about the icky, surreal, supernatural and weird. Featuring Dead Bedrooms by Matthew Lyons, Little Bastard by Patrick Winters, and The Anniversary Present by DC Phillips.

We hope you’ll find a nice shady spot to enjoy these, while appreciating the pulpy and disturbing cover art by Cesar Valtierra.

This issue includes some adult content, so tread with caution if you’d like to keep that piña colada down.



Dead Bedrooms by Matthew Lyons

Little Bastard by Patrick Winters

The Anniversary Present by DC Phillips


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