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Schlock July Cover Adrian Abela

July 2015 Issue

Summer is in full swing, and we hope you enjoy our slim but, we hope, filling new issue. But we don’t want you to think that we’re taking our duties lightly, even as the sun’s rays beat down on Schlock HQ, and the humidity clutches at our frames like the coiling tentacles of our dreadful beloved Schlocktopus.

SCHLOCK MAY Cover Jacob Sammut

May 2015 Issue

While striving to never be generic, we here at Schlock take our rituals seriously, if only to acknowledge them so as to subvert them. And what is a more enduring ritual than the undeniable churn of the seasons, occasioned as it is by the plain-as-day movements of the sun, moon and overall weather?

Schlock Magazine March 2015 COVER by Moira Zahra

March 2015 Issue

Monsters have always been with us, and a cursory glance at both pop culture and daily news feeds, in whichever shape they may appear, suggests that in some form or other, monsters will remain with us always.

Schlock Cover December 2014 Issue by Thomas Cuschieri

December 2014 Issue

We’re happy to close what has been a colourful and productive year for Schlock with an appropriately exciting collection of short fiction and artwork.

October 2014 Cover by Ivana Bugarinovic

October 2014 Issue

Welcome readers, it’s good to be back. With the summer haze fading fast, Schlock HQ has been busy in the run up to that Schlockiest of holidays, Halloween. We’ve put together a celebration of stories, criticism, and audio, with a few unnatural surprises thrown in for good measure.

Schlock April 2014 Cover

April 2014 Issue

It’s with great satisfaction that we bring you this issue, a special one in many ways because it serves as something of a culmination of what we’ve aspired to achieve so far. In the spirit of collaboration – as well as working hand-in-hand with creatives striving to offer striking and original material – we end our temporary ‘partnership’ with Chômu Press this month with two stories by writers from their stable.