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Miskatonic Monday

The holes in the old man’s socks had become so large that a bird, foraging for worms in the soil between his toes, got trapped there.

“I say,” it said, “do forgive me. I must say, this is awfully embarrassing.”

The old man plucked the bird out of the spider network of nylon threads and cotton unravelling, up past the variegated elastic band, and pursed his lips around the bird’s bobbling little head.


Marco’s Pop Culture Destruction #1

Hello, you there. Come over, have a seat. Welcome to the very first POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION with me, Marco. I’ll be taking on what what was interesting in the entertainment sphere over the past few months. It’s not all new (if at all) and jumps wildly between genres and media, but remember that word there – interesting. That’s key.