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The Gothic Issue!

As summer edges to a close, Schlock explores darker climes with our latest issue, GOTHIC. Perversion, obsession, fishy fetishism… all that stuff you can’t help but think about on a melancholy autumn afternoon. We know we can’t.

Browse the current issue online or download the PDF here!

The Castle

by Teodor Reljic Ferdinand knew the hours would feel like years. He was fully aware of how time will stop and stretch its cruel way onwards,…

The House on the Cliff

by Gerri Leen The house dominated the hillside, looking far darker in the fading light than it probably was.  Arabella saw the coachman swallow nervously before…

Bigger fish

by Peter Farrugia “Late as usual,” she thought, “and later than usual in a minute.” Tightening her grip on a bag full of books and burying…