Oneiros and I

by Bettina Borg Cardona Standing in near pitch-blackness with mouth wide open, feet planted parallel -bare- hands tearing out matted hair at the bloodied roots, she was screaming. He was half jolted out of the narcoleptic stupor into which he found himself falling at intervals, eyes bewildered and bloodshot, veined with desire for even the


By Rachel Agius “Pirate?!” The sound of breaking porcelain and splintering wood followed the Admiral as he hastily made his way from the Captain’s quarters. He adjusted his hat after what appeared to be a peg leg sailed overhead and dislodged it. His men, two lanky youths who had taken to playing a card game

Pass the Can

by Robert William Iveniuk “Pass the can,” Olson begged, his hand making a pathetic grasping motion at his associate. Wind blew through the old store, sending scraps of paper and shredded cardboard across the ground. Emptied shelves flanked the duo, and burnt-out lights hung above their heads. Long-dead and withered, a man in tattered clothes