Schlock’s Podcast #12 – Dracula, Pop Culture Destruction – April 2012

We’d like to think Nosferatu’s Count Orlok is watching over this podcast with pride.

April – is it really (groan) the cruellest month? Probably not – but this month’s subject of podcast discussion is not the nicest of characters… Count Dracula! Joining Teodor, Marco and Kris is Bram Stoker scholar Charmaine Tanti, and the subject of  Stoker’s legacy to literature gets thoroughly dissected. Can you guess how many members of the “panel” have actually bothered to read Dracula the novel? The answer might just surprise you!

We also have a selection of flash fiction, an original song by Friend of Schlock Chris Galea, and Marco’s Pop Culture Destruction (and it’s extremely wrong opinions – Ed) also gets moved to the more, ahem, audible format.

Enjoy this latest podcast, and do let us know what you think on either the comments or through an iTunes review!

Flash Fiction

00:59 – Zombie Love by Kris Green

02:11 – Ars Moriendi by Bettina Borg Cardona

40:10 – Miskatonic Monday by Pete Farrugia

48:45 – The Walls Were Awash With Blood by Michael Vella


36:40 Corridors by Chris Galea


04:45 – Teodor, Kris, Marco and Charmaine Tanti discuss Bram Stoker’s most memorable (some might say only one worth of note) creation, that damned creature of the night – Dracula! What’s Stoker’s standing amongst literary circles? What’s the best interpretation of Dracula throughout the ages? What does the Schlock team drink during these discussions? All these answers – and more – get answered in this discussion.


53:27 – Marco’s Pop Culture Destruction – Famously ranty man gives opinions on things he’s watched. This month – The New Deadwardians, The Legend of Korra and Dragon Quest IX. Please don’t bloat his ego further by listening to this (Who’s even writing these shownotes?! – Marco)

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