October 2013 Issue

The October 2013 issue.

The Halloween season has always been good to Schlock, and this year we usher in our post-summer comeback in its wake.

As per tradition, it’s an annual celebration whose trappings we indulge in eagerly and readily as ever, and this year we’re lucky enough to be able to do it with extra panache.

For starters, we have the honour of hosting The Relic, a story by the one and only Jeffrey Ford, whose inherent creepiness and overarching dissection of how we tell stories and why is true to the Halloween spirit in many ways.

The make-up of familiar stories also comes apart in Tarnished Age, Stephen Heuser’s story of a reminiscing group of superheroes that can boast of a genetic link to Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Its horrific resolution will also, however, remind you what time of year it is.

But lest you think we’re going all grisly and sombre on you fear not, within (or rather, to your right) you will also find some lighthearted playfulness amidst all the horror, not to mention the gorgeous visual matter from our loyal cadre of artists and photographers.

Enjoy, and remember: this Halloween, trick-or-treat responsibly.

The team behind the cover:

Photography: Elisa Von Brockdorff
Styling: Gayle Cutajar
Hair: Christian Galea
Make up: Gabrielle Zammit Grungo
Model: Carlton
Spine Garment: Elisha Camilleri
Shoot supported by the Malta Arts Fund