March 2015 Issue

Monsters have always been with us, and a cursory glance at both pop culture and daily news feeds, in whichever shape they may appear, suggests that in some form or other, monsters will remain with us always.

So it is with Schlock Magazine’s latest issue. We hope you deem this month’s selection a tasteful and compelling reminder of the varieties of monsters that the human imagination is capable of mustering… inspired, undoubtedly, by some facet of daily life, whether it appears as a passing shimmer or a dream.

There is a tribute to a story by Edgar Allan Poe – one of the most potent and wickedly funny explorations of human depravity and vindictiveness. There is a ghost story of sorts, which suggests that things we lay lingering in our minds have an uncanny way of manifesting themselves as unwelcome entities. As always we are blessed by visually arresting pieces. This time, Daniela Attard and Adrian Theuma wend words and images together to give life to monsters, each different in their own way, but haunting manifestations just the same.

We hope you enjoy Schlock’s ‘Monster March’. Stay tuned for more features throughout the month.