Schlock’s Podcast #20 – Monster March, The Maltese Bestiary

Hi, and welcome to the twentieth Schlock podcast. Twenty! Crazy, right?

Wait, what do you mean, Schlock is back at making podcasts? I know as much about this change in podcast situation as you do, dear reader-slash-listener. It’s only now I even got to know about it. The Hive Mind just came to me and asked, nay, demanded that I prepare some shownotes, quick, because Teodor and Marco decided to record something. Yes, those guys. They got to chat with Stephan D. Mifsud, author of The Maltese Bestiary, which proved to be rather interesting, not to mention a worthy coda to Schlock’s Monster March.

But before that, they got to wibble on about monster-related media they consumed. Like one does.

Anyway. Enjoy this return of Schlock podcasts. When will the next one take place? Don’t ask me!



First off, Marco goes on about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a game on the 3DS. He insists it is really cool and good, but no one else cares about videogames he likes.



Teodor follows with Frankenstein’s Army, a movie about men fighting monster men. Which is basically Saturday evening over here.



Soon enough Stephan D. Mifsud enters the conversation, which moves on to his book, The Maltese Bestiary, which he both writes and illustrates. Discussed: Stephan’s inspirations and artistic inspirations, the historical background of at least a couple of the creatures inside the book, science fiction as science stretched to its limits, other artists getting inspired by the Bestiary (such as Schlock’s own Iella), superstitions still very present on the Maltese islands, and, of course, favourite beasts (mine is the Schlock Hivemind, ha!)

The Maltese Bestiary can be found on Facebook here.



Finally, you know what the real monster is? Man, Marco says. What a joker! And just as well, as the last topic in this podcast is actually The Joker. As in the character from the Batman comics and cartoons and movies. Friend of Schlock Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone (sorry for the mangling of your surname in the ‘cast, by the way) is organising The Joker: A Celebration of 75 Years, an event Teodor and Marco are taking part in. It happens on April 25th, and we’ll publish more details as soon as we have them.

And that’s all for the Monster March podcast. Stay tuned for, hopefully, more soon enough!