About us

Schlock: /?l?k/
[mass noun] ‘cheap or inferior goods or material; trash’.

Here’s the thing: Schlock Magazine produces anything but trash. We just know when to laugh at ourselves, and the literary establishment that’s had it too easy for far too long.

We’re a bi-monthly anthology featuring short and serialised fiction, poetry, illustration, fine art and photography. Our readers expect the unexpected, and we encourage contributors to explore innovative ways of telling their stories.

Schlock publishes its issues every other month, and in the months where we don’t, there’s a podcast: where you get to hear music-enhanced versions of stories from our stable, along with readings and discussion.

You can also check back regularly for Marco Attard’s Pop Culture Destruction: a freewheeling jaunt through both popular and off-the-beaten track releases. And through Schlock Talks – also appearing monthly – we feature interviews with creative people of every stripe.

We’re interested in every genre and style, however Schlock is particularly partial to work that eschews traditional storytelling. Aside from strong works of narrative fiction, we’re open to striking memoir fragments, gonzo journalism, experimental poetry – any number of offerings that will delight, surprise and challenge our readers.

If you’re interested in sending something our way, please read our Submission Guidelines.

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