Fiction, illustration, discussion – interesting weirdness for all the senses. Well, almost.

  • We the Enclosed Image by Thomas Cuschieri

    We the Enclosed

    Nowhere in any of this was a door closed or a passage blocked; not one single opening was prohibited, and therefore no hiding place was suggested.

  • Starchild Illustration by Daniela ‘iella’ Attard

    Running with Starchild

    “Come to bed. We’re safe for now.” Something in me doesn’t believe her. I check the latch on the window, then close the shades and curtain. I remove my shirt, but leave…

  • Illustration by Inez Kristina (detail)

    Coming of Age: An Epilogue

    Julie, Deirdre, Olivia and Prince had barely been at the rental house in the mountains for ten minutes before they accepted the fact that they were all going to die there.

  • Camilla Image by Steven Scicluna


    Luv, I just do the chores, that’s my job. Nope, I never saw any men in her room and never saw any men climbing up the balcony, but then I take pills at night ‘cause…

  • Photo by Virginia Monteforte

    A Problem of Angels

    The two men walked into the bar three minutes before last orders. Bob Finney, the landlord spotted them moving across the floor. Spotted their uniforms. They moved like bad news…

    Schlock Cover December 2014 Issue by Thomas Cuschieri

    December 2014 Issue

    We’re happy to close what has been a colourful and productive year for Schlock with an appropriately exciting collection of short fiction and artwork.



    In which our critic ponders about life in the 21st century and rambles on Polish critical darling Ida and cheerful seasonal rumination Black Mirror: White Christmas before his body gets hijacked for DESTRUCTCAST interview duties.

    Bettina Hutschek: “Strolling through a city with open eyes will always feel like being Alice in Wonderland”

    Schlock Talks | Bettina Hutschek

    A seasoned traveller between the worlds of both fact and fiction, the German-born, Malta-based multimedia artist Bettina Hutschek insists on being called a ‘storyteller’ first and foremost, even if her subject matter and methods are far more complex than what that ‘stories by the campfire’ image might suggest. Ahead of our chat with her for our upcoming Destructcast, she tells us about her work, which with a distinctly ‘ethnographic’ twist explores the fine but deep chasm between history and myth.

    Adrian Abela

    Schlock Talks | Adrian Abela

    As part of our December focus on urban spaces, we speak to Malta-based visual artist Adrian Abela, whose latest work, MEDIAN, presents a car journey across the small island of Malta as something of an audio-visual odyssey. Be sure to hear Abela expand on some of this in the upcoming Pop Culture Destructcast, where he will be interviewed alongside fellow Malta-based artist Bettina Hutschek.

    KJ Bishop eats some bugs. Like you do.

    Schlock Talks | KJ Bishop

    The award-winning author of the novel The Etched City and, more recently, the short story collection That Book Your Mad Ancestor Wrote KJ Bishop speaks to us about juggling two artistic disciplines, how the Australian landscape impacts on her work and reflects back other locales that make their way into her fiction, and her story We the Enclosed, an extract of which we’ll be featuring in our upcoming end-of-year issue.

    Kathleen Jennings: "Thick skins are born more often than grown, and it's no shame not to have one."

    Schlock Talks | Kathleen Jennings

    For our second November Schlock Talk, we speak to the versatile Australian artist Kathleen Jennings. Both a writer and illustrator, she has most recently applied her delicate, evocative and fragile line to Angela Slatter’s latest collection, The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings. We chat to her about juggling two art forms on a regular basis, meeting your clients half way, and her predilection towards an ‘autumnal’ colour palette.



    It’s Noshavember at Casa di Marco, which means his beard is taking care of this month’s POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION, as it joins friend of Schlock Robert Iveniuk in a discussion about superhero cinema before reviewing the recent Wolfenstein: The New Order AND check out a couple of animation-related art books. Also: news!

    Rachel Edidin: "Editing done right is creative midwifery, not creation."

    Schlock Talks | Rachel Edidin

    When somebody describes themselves as an ‘all-purpose editorial mercenary’, you know they’re probably worth talking to. Rachel Edidin – writer, editor and publishing consultant – speaks to us about her work in both literature and comics, pointing out what writers should be mindful of when they embark on their forays into fiction, her work as an erstwhile equality activist for the comics world, and her irrational but enthusiastic love of the labyrinthine tangle that is X-Men continuity.

    October 2014 Cover by Ivana Bugarinovic

    October 2014 Issue

    Welcome readers, it’s good to be back. With the summer haze fading fast, Schlock HQ has been busy in the run up to that Schlockiest of holidays, Halloween. We’ve put together a celebration of stories, criticism, and audio, with a few unnatural surprises thrown in for good measure.