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  • Big Pillow (1)

    Happily Lost

    by Fabrice Poussin Big Pillow Brothers My Lake Partly Cloudy Sunset in The Smokies The Boss The Dune The Old Fort The Storm Fabrice Poussin is assistant professor of French and…


    Spring 2017 Issue

    The long-awaited return of the new, reinvigorated Schlocktopus is finally upon us -- and what better way to welcome it than with a fresh Spring edition, incorporating notions of…

  • Martha, My Dear…

    It takes Mort some time to figure out where he is. He is lying, half awake, on a spacious bed in a strange room filled with unfamiliar smells. The potted plants on the windowsill…

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    by James G. Piatt Death In A Meadow He floated in a softly flowing brook; it celebrated his betrothal to moisture as it meandered through colored meadows of white flowers.…

  • Fire Breathing Dragons Make the Best Space Heaters

    “Hurry! Hurry!” cried Gideon and he tugged the wizard Al along. The wizard stopped and pulled the fifteen-year-old boy up short. Gideon looked back at Al wildly.…

    Schlock Magazine - The Utopia Issue - Cover by Daniela Attard

    Utopia Issue – June 2016

    This month Schlock presents an entire issue dedicated to one of the most misunderstood concepts of political debate: Utopia. In this issue, led by guest editor Elise Billiard, we will proclaim that Utopia is not dead, that Utopia is not an escape to or from reality, but on the contrary a way to propose new possible realities.

    Pure Bylex "tourist city", copyright Goethe Institute

    Mourning can bring us together

    Utopias are often based on architectural models,[1] or on rules about the division of labor and the ownership of land for instance. However, it seems to me that little is being written about the need for the powerful binding that keeps people responsible of each other, and that make them feel part of a same common society.

    Michael Wilson

    Schlock Talks | Michael Wilson

    Since Halloween allows us to both revisit and discover what’s what in the horror genre, we thought it apt to seek out Michael Wilson, head of This is Horror, for a chat about the website and podcast’s origins and mission.

    SCHLOCK TALKS Mike Davis

    Schlock Talks | Mike Davis

    As part of our series of Halloween-themed chats this month, we caught up with Mike Davis – editor of the dynamic and much-loved weird fiction hub Lovecraft eZine, as well as its more recent publication arm. Is Lovecraft, however, the be all and end all of the zine, and what kind of influence does he still exert on horror?