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    SCHLOCK MAY Cover Jacob Sammut

    May 2015 Issue

    While striving to never be generic, we here at Schlock take our rituals seriously, if only to acknowledge them so as to subvert them. And what is a more enduring ritual than the undeniable churn of the seasons, occasioned as it is by the plain-as-day movements of the sun, moon and overall weather?

    Schlock Talks | Jeremy Robert Johnson

    A proud and beloved representative of the darkly teeming milieu of ‘bizarro’ fiction, Jeremy Robert Johnson is attracting acclaim for his debut novel, Skullcrack City – a conspiracy thriller whose grotesque dystopian vision would have made Hieronymous Bosch proud, but whose pulp roots and cyberpunk beats lend it a brisk and ice-cool clip. He speaks to us about the sub-genre that has become his home, the challenges of corralling such a heady premise into a debut novel… and Tacos.

    The Nightmare Thumbnail by Daniela Attard

    The Nightmare

    ”The Nightmare” is a spirit commonly found in folklore throughout many cultures. It is said to be responsible for sleep paralysis and bad dreams. In the book The Maltese Bestiary by Stephan D. Mifsud details the Maltese interpretation of this strange spirit. The unusual portrayal has inspired me to create a dream journal/comic mash up to try and come to terms with this mysterious yet frightening creature.”

    Illustration by Mark Scicluna


    Kennedy was my friend; I carefully selected him when I first heard about his burgeoning passion for molecular gastronomy. There were others before him, of course, and always my task was the same. I am The Cooper. I watch them until they reach the point of no return. It is in the interest of self-preservation, but I do enjoy the companionship and the challenge.

    Schlock Magazine March 2015 COVER by Moira Zahra

    March 2015 Issue

    Monsters have always been with us, and a cursory glance at both pop culture and daily news feeds, in whichever shape they may appear, suggests that in some form or other, monsters will remain with us always.

    The Lies I Tell Myself by Kris Green ILLUSTRATION by Julian Mallia

    The Lies I Tell Myself

    This will seem strange, but it is also true. All of history is a lie. One hundred years ago mankind shivered naked on the cold savannah. I don’t mean this in any metaphorical sense. Only one hundred days ago we lost the trick of understanding the language of animals. I know this seems strange, it seems mad. It is mad. I don’t want to write these words, I am being made to. They think that if I write down my thoughts, I will recognise how insane they sound.