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  • The Nightmare Thumbnail by Daniela Attard

    The Nightmare

    ''The Nightmare'' is a spirit commonly found in folklore throughout many cultures. It is said to be responsible for sleep paralysis and bad dreams. In the book The Maltese…

  • Illustration by Mark Scicluna


    Kennedy was my friend; I carefully selected him when I first heard about his burgeoning passion for molecular gastronomy. There were others before him, of course, and always my…

  • The Man in the Moon

    He twists and opens his ancient mouth into the shape of a waiting grave. I stand looking into nothing.

  • The Lies I Tell Myself by Kris Green ILLUSTRATION by Julian Mallia

    The Lies I Tell Myself

    This will seem strange, but it is also true. All of history is a lie. One hundred years ago mankind shivered naked on the cold savannah. I don’t mean this in any metaphorical…

    Schlock Magazine March 2015 COVER by Moira Zahra

    March 2015 Issue

    Monsters have always been with us, and a cursory glance at both pop culture and daily news feeds, in whichever shape they may appear, suggests that in some form or other, monsters will remain with us always.

    Jeffrey Jerome Cohen: "What motivates my writing? I can’t not write. It’s a basic form of sustenance, my own worldly interface"

    Schlock Talks | Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

    Ahead of Schlock’s ‘Monster March’ we speak to Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Professor of English and Director of the Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute at George Washington University. Known for dynamic and interdisciplinary studies on both the themes of monstrosity and ecology, Cohen describes how his interest in the ecological world started from an early age, developing ‘a critical vocabulary’ for monsters, and how all writing is a form of activism.

    Photo by Elise Billiard

    On Doors

    Because walls are everywhere getting higher, because gated communities as much as national borders are the new architecture, and paradoxically because our world lives for liberalism and strives on a worldwide system of exchanges, we are increasingly crossing borders.

    Schlock Cover December 2014 Issue by Thomas Cuschieri

    December 2014 Issue

    We’re happy to close what has been a colourful and productive year for Schlock with an appropriately exciting collection of short fiction and artwork.

    We the Enclosed Image by Thomas Cuschieri

    We the Enclosed

    Nowhere in any of this was a door closed or a passage blocked; not one single opening was prohibited, and therefore no hiding place was suggested.

    Starchild Illustration by Daniela ‘iella’ Attard

    Running with Starchild

    “Come to bed. We’re safe for now.” Something in me doesn’t believe her. I check the latch on the window, then close the shades and curtain. I remove my shirt, but leave the pants. Nothing looks more ridiculous than a man running around in nothing but underwear.

    Camilla Image by Steven Scicluna


    Luv, I just do the chores, that’s my job. Nope, I never saw any men in her room and never saw any men climbing up the balcony, but then I take pills at night ‘cause nighttime’s for sleeping, so, me, if a bomb had to go off during the night, I wouldn’t hear it so I’m not so sure what happens at night, even though I just live a few doors down the street from her.