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Michael Wilson

Schlock Talks | Michael Wilson

Since Halloween allows us to both revisit and discover what’s what in the horror genre, we thought it apt to seek out Michael Wilson, head of This is Horror, for a chat about the website and podcast’s origins and mission.


Schlock Talks | Mike Davis

As part of our series of Halloween-themed chats this month, we caught up with Mike Davis – editor of the dynamic and much-loved weird fiction hub Lovecraft eZine, as well as its more recent publication arm. Is Lovecraft, however, the be all and end all of the zine, and what kind of influence does he still exert on horror?

STORY Again by Kris Green - PHOTOGRAM by Claire Micallef


I woke up screaming. Incoherent, inconsolable. Something hit me in the stomach, hard, and I bit my tongue. The bedside lamp came on.

Adrian Gauci - Legs Eleven Illustration

Legs Eleven

Laura slipped her hands off the coping stones and dove them between her thighs, crouching down with her back against the grey brick wall. In front of her a growling line of rush-hour traffic crept along the narrow road chugging exhaust fumes and vapor out into the navy blue afternoon.

Mark Scicluna - Do I Know You Illustration

Do I Know You?

Despite her longstanding reluctance to mix her personal life with her professional endeavors, it was with Hallahan that Colleen made a rare exception. First as drinking buddies, then as lovers, and ultimately as co-tenants of a house in Pacific Palisades, their lives drew closer and closer.