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Joseph S. Pulver

Schlock Talks | Joseph S. Pulver

One of the most prolific and dizzyingly experimental writers working today, Joseph S. Pulver speaks to us candidly about what underpins his two most recent collections, the difference between homage and mere fan fiction, and the importance of maintaining catholic reading habits.

Michael Cisco's latest novel, Member - published by Chomu Press.

Schlock Talks | Chômu Press

What does it really mean to chart ‘new vistas of irreality’, as the UK-based publisher Chômu Press claim to set out to do? As part of our ongoing temporary ‘partnership’ with the Press this month, Schlock speaks to Chomu co-founders Léon and Quentin Crisp (no, not THAT Quentin Crisp). In a rich and revealing interview, the duo delve into just how they burrow through the interstices of genre to deliver work that – even in this jaded age – feels truly vital.

Karin Steen Tidbeck. Photo by: Charlotte Frantzdatter Johansen.

Schlock Talks | Karin Tidbeck

Swedish writer Karin Steen Tidbeck – whose collection of weird and wonderful fiction, Jagannath, received considerable critical praise – speaks to us about writing in English as a second language, the dangers of treating a literary genre as the ‘redheaded stepchild’ and the benefits a writer could reap from Live Action Roleplaying…

Schlock’s Blogs

Welcome to another installment of Schlock’s Blogs! This week’s topics include academic revamps, new blog formats and plenty of comic book madness. Remember to subscribe to…