Most Trilling Short Fiction Stories to Read and Experience

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What is a Fiction Short Story?

Fiction short stories are basically short work of fiction content. If you didn’t know, all fiction short stories include some imaginary events, characters, abilities or other imaginary elements. Fiction short stories are basically prose writing – as they don’t necessarily need to have verses, rhymes or meters for their presentation.

Unlike fiction short stories, there are long fiction stories – or novels. On the opposite of this, right between novels and fiction short stories, we have novellas which are a longer version of short stories – and they can vary from a thirty to a hundred pages.

American literature has a lot of the world’s best examples of the short story type of writing. This is exactly why readers around the world enjoy the nicely written stories of American writers such as O. Henry, Stephen Crane, Jack London, Mark Twain and Edgar Allen Poe.

The Best Science Fiction Stories of All Time

Those who enjoy fiction short stories should always know the following ones, as they are the best ones that ever got the light of day:

Fondly Fahrenheit by Alfred Bester

Alfred Bester had a really magnificent skill for telling a story, and even though he didn’t want to use too many words, which is how he created the masterpiece of Fondly Fahrenheit, a science fiction horror story that talks about a servile android-robot which turns against the humans and kills them. Even as old as it is, it is still one of the best sci-fi the world has ever seen. Although it isn’t for people who are easily scared or children because it is a dark story talking about a serial killer, this is still one of the best written stories.

Time in Advance by William Tenn

Even if William Tenn isn’t a really popular writer, he still has published some of the best works – the Time in Advance and the impeccable The Brooklyn Project. With wicked humor and great characterization, Time in Advance is a perfect read!

Daisy, In the Sun by Connie Willis

Connie Willis, speculative fiction novelist and author of tragic science fiction and comic science fiction is one of the most famous modern science fiction authors writing we know of today. The Daisy, In the Sun is absolutely a marvelous piece where even if it is a dreamy teen story, it keeps you thinking late at night, which is why we totally love it.

The Time Locker by Lewis Padgett

What can be more imaginary and fictive than time – travel, right? In The Time Locker, Lewis Padgett talks about betraying Nature’s linear preference and breaking the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which leads to a time-travelling paradox. It is a great story that talks about morality, and gives a feeling of “what if”.

Nightfall by Isaac Asimov

Nightfall was originally published in 1941, and ever since then, it was a mind-blowing story that swept everyone off their feet. It even turned into a novel afterwards. However, the story is simply amazing, with great dialogues and an unexpected end, so you should totally read it.

The Best Science Fiction Movies Ever Made

For those who enjoy imaginary and fictive stories but simply don’t enjoy reading, we’ve created a list of the best sci-fi movies that must be on your watch list. Here are some sci-fi suggestions:

  1. Blade Runner
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  3. The Matrix
  4. Inception
  5. Interstellar

Top Rated Sci-Fi Online Games Based on Movies

If you like your entertainment as enjoyable as your library and as imaginary as it, here are some sci-fi games you should consider playing:

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

An amazing game that deserves all your attention! It is absolutely one of the best ones in the world!

Online Casino Slots Games

There are many sci-fi online casino slot games with this theme. For instance, these casino games come in forms of slot games like Space Fighters, Arcader or Terminator 2. All of these casino games are a great way of having fun while playing legal online casino games and winning real money prizes. In fact, you can also play them for free using the no deposit casino bonuses that you can find at legal online casinos. The no deposit casino bonus is the best casino bonus, as it allows you to play casino games for free, all while having a chance to win real money prizes.

Star Fox 64

A great game for the space enthusiasts who love a little bit of sci-fi in their regular life!

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

For all the lovers of Star Wars, there is a Star Wars video game which will sweep you off your feet, and it is practically everything you’ve ever dreamt of while watching the movies!

Brute Force

Last but not least, Brute Force can wake up your imagination and creativity, while you wander around in a magical world!

What is Interactive Fiction Games?

Interactive fiction games are just like other fiction games, but they have a slight advantage over traditional sci-fi games. In interactive fiction games, you have is actions and communication between two people or two things. For instance, in an interactive fiction game, you communicate with the game, and it gives you feedback on what you did or said.