Space Pulp Issue! Sep 09

It’s already a week into August, and the heat and humidity just keep getting more and more unbearable, even at Schlock Magazine towers. So it was figured that the best way to cool down would be… no, not the beach, but obviously the cold vacuum of space! Welcome to the Schlock – the Space-pulp issue.

Now grab some popcorn, for our brand new video intro, animated by our Marco Attard….

With the new issue, new changes are also afoot to Schlock, as it moves towards a fresher blog-style format. All the regulars will be be in place – and more – as fiction will be drip fed into the site, alongside non-fiction articles, a Schlock-twitter and more. So bookmark this page and visit often, we’re rocketing off the very surface of the world, towards unexplored worlds and alien dangers!