Schlock Talks | Anna Tambour

‘Anna Tambour, Self-portrait, 2014’ Shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award, and recently regaled with a hardback edition courtesy of the inimitable – and Schlock-friendly – Chomu Press, Anna Tambour’s Crandolin was one of Schlock’s favourite novels of the past couple of years. So we just had to track down the author of this culinary-themed picaresque fable,

Schlock Talks Addendum | Anna Tambour & Teodor Reljic

In a Schlock first, author Anna Tambour and the magazine’s co-editor Teodor Reljic talk shop about their latest novels: in Tambour’s case, the sophomore release Crandolin, and Reljic’s debut novel, Two. *  Teodor Reljic: There is a mad energy to Crandolin which almost makes one feel as though it may have been written in one