Schlock Talks | Jason Lee Weight

Hapless and self-absorbed, Sam Sweetmilk is a hero for our times (or something like that).   Schlock loves stories of hardship rewarded – or, just about – and of unlikely heroes coming out on top. So it is with great pleasure that we speak to Jason Lee Weight, the driving force behind Sam Sweetmilk, a comedic animated

Schlock Talks | Jeffrey Ford

One of the most decorated authors of contemporary fantasy fiction, Jeffrey Ford ­– whose latest anthology, Crackpot Palace, collects some his most memorable short stories – tells Schlock how it all started “around 125 stories ago”, the one theme that drives his writing and the one reason why anyone should write in the first place. How

Schlock Talks | David Rodriguez

Schlock goes to Hollywood as we chat to David Rodriguez, writer-director of the post-9/11 thriller American Bully (aka Anytown) – now hitting the festival circuit with a ‘post-mafia’ movie, Last I Heard, which boasts a cast including Paul Sorvino, Michael Rapaport, Renee Props, Paul Ben-Victor, Stephen Bauer and Chazz Palminteri. Judging by your biography, it

Schlock Talks | Angela Slatter

Angela Slatter The ‘realistic’ core of fantasy and horror, the secret to successful collaboration and what it means to be an ‘Australian’ author (or rather, not). Award-winning author Angela Slatter chats to Schlock about all of this and more, in the wake of her latest ‘mosaic novel’ co-written with Lisa L. Hannett, Midnight and Moonshine.