The Western Issue! Dec 2010

Closing off the decade, Schlock presents a whole Issue dedicated to one of the most enduring staples of popular culture – the Western!

There’s rough ‘n ready stories of death at high noon, amusing send-ups of the genre and everything that falls in between. Rich and familiar tales meet fresh approaches, tailored with Schlock’s wild dose of top-notch artwork.

Be sure to stick with us through 2011, and keep your eyes open for a series of fantastic Schlock developments in the pipeline. See you on the other side, partner.

Browse the issue below. The PDF version of the magazine will be published in a few days. Check back often to get your dose of printified Schlockiness!

Into the Sunset by Will Winchester
The Saga of H. Tatum by Richard Jay Goldstein
The New Mythology by Chris Longhurst
Santa Martina by Eirik Gumeny
Clay by Marco Attard
Hog City Needs You by Joseph Farley
The Place Where the Water of the Rivers Meet by James Borg