The Prehistory Issue! Mar 2011

Here at Schlock HQ we thought it prudent to kick off the new decade at the very beginning. Our first quarterly of 2011 treats the theme of Prehistory, with a deliciously gaudy cover by guest artist Victor Roa and the usual mix of quality content.

Schlock’s contributors have been busy exploiting the theme’s more pulpy potential (watch out for those time-travelling penguins!), while others dug deeper for something particularly strange.

Enjoy the Prehistory Issue’s collection of artefacts and curiosities, leave comments and consider your own submissions for future issues. The year is just starting but we can promise some exciting Schlock developments you won’t want to miss.

There Were Two by Teodor Reljic
The Further Adventures of Vance Headstrong and His Time-Traveling Bicycle by M. Shaw
Amy the Velociraptor by Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone
Living In The Land Of by S Mojdeh Stoakley
“Why is a man like a three-branched tree?” by Peter Farrugia
No Arrow, Spear, or Sword by Annette Bowman
Writers’ Block by Michael Vella