Schlock’s Podcast #19 – World Fantasy Convention, Consecration, Satin

Hi, and welcome to Schlock’s podcast. Yes, that podcast. Or rather, this one. The one you’ll be listening right now! Yes, its schedule has been erratic – to say the least – but on the last day of 2013 the Schlock hivemind gathered around and solemnly swore that podcasts will be at least a bit more regular. How about that, huh? Doesn’t that sound marvelous and potentially life affirming? 

Anyway, this month has friend of Schlock Annette Bowman telling about World Fantasy Convention 2013, which took place on October-November last year. Wish I was there! There’s also a track from prog rockers Consecration, and topping all off is a story by Kris Green. It’s about a cat. You like cats, don’t you?

Flash Fiction

00:36 – Satin by Kris Green 


00:53 – Gilmore by Consecration


20:36 – Annette Bowman tells about her experience at World Fantasy Convention 2013, held last year in Brighton. An event for fantasy writers from all around the world (with visitors hailing from the US, the Netherlands, Israel and South Africa), guests included the likes of Brian Aldiss, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. One topic asked at the convention was whether fantasy juvenile nonsense? Of course not, you’d say… But what if it is?! (No, it isn’t).

Thanks go to Hheva, who took responsibility of putting this damn thing together AND did the soundscape for the flash fiction.