February 2014 Issue

It is with great pride and cheer that we welcome readers to the very first issue of Schlock Magazine released under our brand new redesign. But far from being just a cosmetic change, we also hope that the improvement is reflected in the content.

Thanks to new features like Schlock Talks, the magazine has broadened its horizons, and is now more keenly in touch with creatives from various fields. So now we can boast of having a critically-acclaimed author like Nathan Ballingrud in our stable, and we’ll be running his hard-hitting story ‘S.S.’ in this issue. Also stoking the vein of horror – though from a different side of the spectrum – we have an original story by World Fantasy Award winner Greg Bossert.

We’ve melded art and poetry by letting artist Abbie Theuma meld John Grey’s words into her illustration; while the remaining stories run the gamut from the strange to the blackly humorous.

As always, we’ve been blessed with great artwork too, courtesy of newcomers Sam Sultana and Javier Joseph Formosa as well as loyal-and-ever-dependable Schlock regulars like Nel Pace and Daniela Attard.

We hope you enjoy the issue, and stick around for more great things to come.

Cover by: Matthew Attard Navarro photography

Model: Valentin Puyau (Performance Dancer, Paris)


S.S. by Nathan Ballingrud
Smartmob by Greg Bossert
The Rattenfänger’s Pipe by Suzanne J. Willis
The Observations of Lez by Marcelle Fenech
Truck Stop by Huston Lowell
From the Wolf by John Grey