Schlock’s Podcast #21 – Lovecraft, Bloodborne, Elric


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Welcome listeners, to a podcast dedicated to Schlock’s first, and arguably only, love – the one and only Howard Philip Lovecraft. Well, okay, maybe love is putting it a bit too strongly, but one has to agree that Schlock has something of a special relationship with Lovecraft, what with its very first issue being dedicated to his work. In any case, join Teodor and Marco as they discuss recent media that’s at least partly inspired by  his work.

00:16 – Teodor reads from the opening to Supernatural Horror in Literature, Lovecraft’s history-slash-manifesto of, well, supernatural horror. In literature. Soundscape provided by friend of the podcast Istishhad Hheva.

10:06 – Teodor and Marco have a chat about Letters to Lovecraft, which is a short story anthology spurred by the previously mentioned Supernatural Horror in Literature, not a compendium of letters received by Lovecraft. Which would have been also interesting to read, but anyway. Discussed within – the relevance of Lovecraft in current times, sensitivity over matters of race in current genre fiction, atmosphere vs plot, recent controversy surrounding the World Fantasy Awards statuette and European teenagers baying outside T’s window.


36:00 – Discussion moves to Bloodborne, which Marco has been playing over the past few weeks. Can Lovecraft’s work – or at least its atmosphere  and themes – be better adapted in videogame form? That might be just the case! Also mentioned – From Software, environmental storytelling and the Lovecraftian art of one Philippe Druillet.



46:40 – And now, Michael Moorcock’s Elric, specifically in French comics form through both Druillet and more recent editions by Blondel, Poli, Recht et al. Which seem to be approved of by both Teodor and Marco.


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