Schlock’s Podcast #22 – The Apocalypse, Trojan, Fury Road

Welcome listeners to another edition of the Schlock podcast… Wait, what do you mean that,  following the previous edition, you thought Teodor and Marco were devoured by werewolves that were also Lovecraftian horrors? The three month delay was actually caused by their wanting to have a break! Of course. Either way the podcast is back, and this time it has a guest – Maltese author Alex Vella Gera, who’s here to talk about his latest novel, Trojan. Also the apocalypse factors in. How come? Just listen and you’ll see…


00:17 – Teodor reads Darkness by Lord Byron, making for a jolly start to this podcast. This poem deals with what the Schlock Hivemind has had in mind throughout the past couple of month – the apocalypse. 



05:17 – Alex Vella Gera joins Teodor and Marco to talk about his novel, Trojan, as well as the end of the world and pop culture related to it. In this podcast’s case specific examples of said pop culture include Station Eleven by Emily St. John…


And, perhaps obviously, Mad Max: Fury Road. 


45:39 – Alex Vella Gera’s band Hunter’s Palace provides us with a closing track, “I Need a Man.” This has never been released in public so you’ve heard it here, folks!

BONUS CONTENT!  Have a photo of the podcast recording just as it was happening!

Alex Vella Gera (left) and Teodor. Photo by Virginia Monteforte


Special thanks to David Grech Urpani of CHINA for patching together this month’s podcast, and background music to the poem. Be sure to subscribe to Schlock’s podcast on iTunes.