December 2014 Issue

We’re happy to close what has been a colourful and productive year for Schlock with an appropriately exciting collection of short fiction and artwork.

We have a freshly translated Maltese variant on the vampire story (‘Camilla’), more subtly supernatural musings (‘A Problem of Angels’) as well as fast-paced genre thrillers (‘Running with Starchild’, ‘Coming of Age: An Epilogue’).

For a limited time only, we’ll also be running an extract from the short story ‘We the Enclosed’ by the award-winning Australian author KJ Bishop. Bishop’s tale in fact inspired the unofficial theme for our December content, links to which you can check out below. Taking a cue from its surreal and picaresque exploration of urban spaces – both physical and virtual – we’ve decided to engage this theme directly, with the help of Malta-based artists who have also grappled with similar subjects in the recent past.

We hope you enjoy the issue.


We the Enclosed by KJ Bishop (No longer available)
Coming of Age: An Epilogue by M. Shaw
Camilla by Clare Azzopardi
Running with Starchild by Jeremy Maddux
A Problem of Angels by Kris Green