Spring 2017 Issue

Cover art by Erika Zammit

Dear readers,

The long-awaited return of the new, reinvigorated Schlocktopus is finally upon us — and what better way to welcome it than with a fresh Spring edition, incorporating notions of love and death — while living up to the universal maxim, “needs more dragons and shit though”.

Put together by a photograph of the Gullfoss waterfall, this issue aims to be short and sweet, ushering in a new era for Schlock under a new team. We’re excited to announce that the new Schlock will see the return of downloadable e-book versions of upcoming issues, as well as open up for submissions for essays and other forms non-fiction.

We hope this diverse issue, including stories by Mehi Loveski and Walter G. Esselman, a set of photographs by Fabrice B. Poussin, and a darker group of poems by James G. Piatt, inspires you as much as it did us. By an odd twist of luck, we were also fortunate enough to get a hold of this issue’s stunning cover, snapped by Erika Zammit as part of a series shot in dreamy Iceland.



Martha, My Dear by Mehi Loveski

Happily Lost by Fabrice B. Poussin

Fire Breathing Dragons Make the Best Space Heaters by Walter G. Esselman

Five poems by James G. Piatt