Once upon a Time in the Schlinks

Gone are the days of the simple, weather-beaten solitary son-of-a-whore riding on a brown-dappled mangy horse towards a fiery red sunset.  Or the tense showdown between two dirty and unkempt gunslingers, with the brutal sun beating on itchy fingers, gleaming Colts and extreme close-ups.  The prosperous brothels full of ugly men and beautiful women, cuspidors,

Killer Karrots from Outer Rims II: Back from the Dead

They were buried in shallow soil – now they’re uprooted and on the rampage, unstable and insatiable!!! ‘If you thought Killer Karrots I was the worst thing ever written, think again. Sick Sue outdoes herself!!’ The Skryptulchre ‘Full of classical allusions, with a protagonist called Kassandra, this post-feminist fable is the Caesar – or Calphurnia