The Whip and the Beads: Juliette & Justine

Illustration by Gianluca Farrugia Juliette felt her sister’s wet cunt. Ah. Dreaming of spaniels again. She wondered how long it would be before Justine lost her indefatigable innocence – 200 years on, and double that number in hymen replacements and tightness-restoration surgery (a little more sophisticated than needle-and-thread now, but based on the same principle)

The Hills Have Eyes…?

His eyes surveyed the hills. They crawled, poked around, explored hidden caverns with their tendrils, photographed hamlets with their pupils, and relayed back data to the central brain, Cranus.   Cranus sat in state, a pulsing grey jelly trembling under the load of incoming data. He processed the information, while feasting on the planet’s denizens,