The Sea Issue! September 2010

Perfectly mirroring infinity on Earth, the sea is a perfect choice for Schlock Magazine’s latest theme – endless possibility tinged with colour, mystery and danger. Our brave contributors have peered into the abyss and they’ve each come back with a very different story to tell. We’re excited to present a wide variety of genres and forms, with our regular dose of short stories complemented by poetry and non-fiction. Our writers’ subjects are just as far-reaching, and include stories of swashbuckling pirates and sub-aqueous terrors alongside nostalgic meditations and intriguing undersea commentaries.

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Thom Cuschieri to our cadre of illustrators – not only has he created this issue’s cover, Thom has also illustrated several pieces and contributed his own comic. Enjoy.

Browse the issue online or download the PDF here!


Nautilus by N. L. A. Brock
Travelogues of Doom: Two Pirates and a Parrot by Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone
In the Belly of the Whale by Gerry Hayes
Overboard by Christina Lovin (originally appeared in Ab Ovo)
The Exile of Sneaky Jack by Teodor Reljic
The Island by Bettina Borg Cardona
The Song of Stones and Sea by Joshua Reynolds
Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea by Noel Tanti
Time and Tide by Thomas Cuschieri
Oceanic by Daniel Vella
Farewell, Santiago by Kim Keith
Travelogues of Doom: The Marie-Celeste – An Eyewitness Account by Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone
Hotel of the Damned, Gazing on the Beach by Lee Lackey and Tom Ribas
The Treacherous Sea by Marie-Claire Pellegrini
How to Survive the Gozo Channel by Peter Farrugia
Life in the Deeps by Marco Attard