The August 2012 Issue

It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards – here at Schlock, we’ve come to encourage a little license with the past. Berislav Blagojevic’s haunting recollection of the Yugoslav Wars becomes a snapshot of a disintegrating country’s elusive identity. Meanwhile, P. Keith Boran’s The Strangest of Angels transports us to a conflict that’s

Comfortable Beasts | The Lost World

There is something wonderfully flowing about Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing. Though at first glance the much-loved Victorian writer’s style displays much of the typical archness of his august age – he doesn’t exactly shy away from long sentences or labourious descriptive passages – after finally reading through his only famous non-Sherlock Holmes novel, I feel

The Adventure of the Two Detectives | Sherlock Holmes

by Maxine Calleja Urry Here’s a mystery to puzzle over: two Sherlocks, a couple of Watsons, a pair of Mycrofts, and a double helping of deliciously vicious Moriartys. Between Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock television series and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes film franchise, there’s a whole lot of deducing going on. Which of the

Schlock’s Podcast #12 – Dracula, Pop Culture Destruction – April 2012

We’d like to think Nosferatu’s Count Orlok is watching over this podcast with pride. April – is it really (groan) the cruellest month? Probably not – but this month’s subject of podcast discussion is not the nicest of characters… Count Dracula! Joining Teodor, Marco and Kris is Bram Stoker scholar Charmaine Tanti, and the subject