The August 2012 Issue

August 2012 Issue Cover! by Jimmy Grima

It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards – here at Schlock, we’ve come to encourage a little license with the past.

Berislav Blagojevic’s haunting recollection of the Yugoslav Wars becomes a snapshot of a disintegrating country’s elusive identity. Meanwhile, P. Keith Boran’s The Strangest of Angels transports us to a conflict that’s miles away from Blagojevic – in both space and time – reshaping the past through a ghostly synthesis of historical fact and blurred fiction.

Other stories in this issue include Jared Quaglieri’s Lovecraft-drenched Artistic Vision, and Tunneling to Infinity by Zach Smith. There’s humour and quirky horror too – theological comedies of manners, and supernatural tales of police corruption.

Enjoy the journey.